Who is Tom Loonen

Tom Loonen is best described as a passionate scientist and lecturer, who through experience knows the practice of the financial sector well and can advise and make improvements in this. In addition, he has a big heart for the judiciary.

His expertise & passion

His expertise lies in compliance (Wft , Wwft, anti-money laundering and integrity), risk management and integrity management. Here he knows how to combine theory and practice.

He does this as a (scientific) researcher, legal expert, teacher, trainer and as an expert judge.

Academic background

He studied business administration (University of Lincolnshire and University of Sunderland, UK), financial law (Erasmus University) and obtained his PhD at the Faculty of Economics & Econometrics (UvA).

Tom is professor of financial law & integrity at the School of Business & Economics of VU University Amsterdam. He is education director of the VU Leergang KYC-expert (https://vu.nl/nl/onderwijs/professionals/cursussen-opleidingen/certified-kyc-expert/overzicht) and a member of the executive board of the Executive Master of Compliance & Integrity Management (https://vu.nl/en/education/professionals/courses-programmes/compliance-integrity-management/overview).

He also teaches ‘Laws and regulations & ethics’ at the postgraduate program Risk Management and postgraduate program Investment Management and ‘Corporate Governance & Integrity’ at the Master of International Finance as a visiting professor at the University of Amsterdam.

He is a member of ZIFO (The Zuidas Institute for Financial Law and Corporate Law) and a member of the editorial board of the Financial-Legal Series. He has several books and (scientific) publications to his name (see ‘publications’ tab).


He serves as a Judge in the Enterprise Chamber of the Amsterdam Court of Appeal and is a member of the Disciplinary Committee for Banking Regulations.

He has been appointed as an Expert Witness for various courts and courts of appeal. He is also appointed as an expert in investment fraud cases for the Public Prosecution Service (the ‘National Expertise Broker’ of the Police Academy) and listed as an expert in the Expertise Index (DIX) of the Judiciary.

The Practice

With 30 years of experience in the financial sector, Tom brings a wealth of expertise. As a special counsel, he supports the international law firm PinsentMasons LLP Netherlands in establishing their new financial regulatory practice.

He serves as a commissioner for the financial startup Someday. Lastly, Tom regularly provides training for various financial institutions.